What makes a girl’s night unforgettable?

Deep connections, raw confessions, emotional exploration. Oh, and cocktails. Plenty of cocktails. When the ladies get together, you never know what they will dish. Pajamas & Lipstick by xoNecole is the ultimate girls’ night in, a place where tribes of like-minded women come together to ditch the club scene for intimate talks on beauty, self-care, relationships, and sex. Come solo or bring your besties. The slumber party-themed event will entertain, educate, and empower with meaningful convos on the juiciest topics. Jump into your fave PJs and slap on your fiercest lip color — it’s time to party in a whole new way.

The night will include:


🎉 Mix & Mingle

🎉 Beauty Bar

🎉 Fireside Chats & Surprise Guests

🎉 Curated Branded Experiences

🎉 Jammy Jam Session

🎉 Teepee Confessions

🎉 Swag Bags