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Our Story

Redefining The Girls Night In

It started as a simple idea at xoNecole— create a space where women can come together to have much-needed conversations over delicious cocktails, without the pressure of exchanging business cards. We traded in business suits for comfy clothes, and left the work conversations at the door. This was a place where we could bring our real selves and talk about real things, from love and relationships, to mental health and finding our purpose. This was a place where we could feel comfortable being who we truly are, while growing amongst a community of like-minded women.

Pajamas & Lipstick has since evolved into a franchise that empowers and inspires women of color to expand their tribe and cultivate nurturing friendships. Life situations and career obligations have pulled many of us away from the tribes we’ve built over the years, and social media has made it harder to make in-person connections. Pajamas & Lipstick bridges the social divide between work and life. Here, you don’t have to choose between building your brand and building authentic relationships— you can have it all.

Through our monthly events, and larger Girls Night In experiences, we’re fostering a community who want more than just empty promises of women empowerment. We've cultivated a space that thrives off of deeper conversations and engaging experiences that will allow connections that can last a lifetime.